Parfums de Marly


$22.00 USD
Scents Angel 5-10 ML samples and decants are re-bottled directly from authentic fragrances. These fragrances have no affiliation or connection with the brands.

A sophisticated, powerfully charismatic fragrance.

Fragrance story: Not entirely masculine yet not completely feminine, this scent is build around the finest ingredients, including taif rose, Bulgarian rose, African geranium and a bouquet of sensual woody notes like patchouli and oud. A blend of warmth and sensuality, as undoubtedly chic as it is easy to wear, this fragrance is on its best behavior as it emerges from its elegant black bottle and heads out for the evening.

Style: Oriental.

TOP: Sicilian lemon, Canadian cypress leaves
HEART: Bulgarian rose, taif rose, African geranium
BASE: musk, oud, patchouli, cardamom, sandalwood, praline

Important Info: Scents Angel 100% guarantees the authenticity of the Parfums de Marly Akaster perfumes.

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