Pitch And Toss

$212.00 USD
Scents Angel 5-10 ML samples and decants are re-bottled directly from authentic fragrances. These fragrances have no affiliation or connection with the brands.

Pitch And Toss is a unisex fragrance for business people who always want to emphasize their strong character traits with some refined and delicate aroma that is not associated with the all-pervasive and ubiquitous classics. The composition is known for its Eastern complex formula consisting of expensive natural ingredients, and for its Western noble aristocratic smell – the author combined the “philosophy of two worlds” in the bouquets and achieved a full harmony of notes. The “risky game” smells warm but doesn’t “overheat” the fragrance wearer and his aura. The composition is so smooth, harmoniously complete and seductive that recognizing the dominant notes is difficult. The aromas of dry wood and benzene resin are slightly stand out from the pyramid.

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