Initio is a Latin word, so we’re told, with two meanings: ‘the origin’, and ‘initiation’ – and this renegade new perfume house sets out ‘to initiate perfume as an object of power.’ Initio transgresses all the rules of classical perfumery reconnecting with the original power of perfumes. Initio unveils mysterious facets through sensory compositions with talismanic properties. Open the door into a unique world of magical, mystical forces, where sensual vibrations are magnified. Experience an impenetrable energy of fragrances.

First unveiled in 2015, a cloak of mystery enfolds this French perfume house. Artistic director Sonia (her surname is secret) prefers to talk about the influence of Patrick Suskind’s book ‘Perfume’ – and the power of perfume. As she puts it: ‘In the beginning, in ancient Egyptian times, perfume was used for everything except to smell good. It was used to create magic, to attract love, to purify the home, to communicate with the gods, to cure and to cleanse the body. Even up until today, in some countries, you have that culture of perfumes being used to clean and purify – in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, for example. Even in the Middle East, where they know perfume better than anyone, perfume is still used as an object of power.’


INITIO transgresses all the rules of classical perfumery to reconnect with the original power of perfumes, once reserved for the gods in their heaven and the mighty of this world. Seizing the power of fragrance, INITIO's collection of fragrances aims to change your destiny!

Within INITIO there are three collections:

  • The Absolutes, which call upon a selection of mystical, narcotic substances (Absolute Aphrodisiac, Blessed Baraka, Addictive Vibration, Mystic Experience, and Divine Attraction).
  • The Carnal Blends, fragrances built around a hedonic substance that stimulates the pleasure zones of the brain (High Frequency, Side Effect, and Psychedelic Love)
  • The Magnetic Blends, meant to be worn alone or layered with other INITIO scents, to lead you further into the alchemy of fragrance (Magnetic Blend 1, Magnetic Blend 7, and Magnetic Blend 8).
  • The Hedonist collection Sublime natural ingredients, a perfect harmony, the purest equation in perfumery and the highest quality formula One year after Carnal Collection and faithful to his habit to surprise , Initio launches a new chapter brand presentation the Hedonist  Collection (Rehab, Musk Therapy

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Initio Parfums

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