Best Perfume Glass Sprayers in the Market

Enjoy spraying your perfumes in luxury glass sprayers made by the best manufacturers in the world. So you know, the 5ml and 10ml perfume samples you buy from Scents Angel are filled in highest quality glass sprayers that are being used by many high-end luxury perfume brands. These are leak proof bottles to preserve the quality and freshness of your perfumes for a long time. Enjoy the beautiful sprays of every drop of your fragrance.




We pay great attention to the details and we respect customer's expectations regarding packaging and bottles. We are proud to provide high quality glass bottles. We only use brand new and sterile glass bottles and use medical grade lab equipment for our decanting process. The fragrance is directly transferred from the original manufacturer bottle to our premium quality sample glass bottles. 

All size samples come with a sprayer. The fragrance content volume is carefully measured when pouring to the sample glasses but still there will be some volume left without perfume to make sure the sprayer works. Rest assured; you will receive the exact volume you ordered.

Please note that the current 10ml option is sometimes filled in 15ml bottles that is why the bottles are not filled up 100%. You always get at least 10ml or more of fragrance when you order 10ml. Similarly, the 5mls are filled in 6ml bottles. Again, you always get more.