Memo Paris


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Scents Angel 5-10 ML samples and decants are re-bottled directly from authentic fragrances. These fragrances have no affiliation or connection with the brands.

The Inle fragrance, like a cornucopia of bergamot, artemisia, osmanthus, jasmine, absolute of Maté, spices, iris and cedar, pays its own tribute to a tradition of kindness. Inspired by lake Inlé in Burma, Inlé by MEMO PARIS recalls peaceful scenes of intricately designed boats, floating gardens and orchards laden with plants and vegetation like treasure troves of scents and flavours. The key notes of delicately sweet jasmine, herbal, botanical mate and fruity, peach-like osmanthus absolute combine for a sublime scent experience. Other luscious fragrance elements emerge from citrusy bergamot, uplifting mint and aromatic musk, uniting to complete this elegant, refined olfactory journey.

NOTES: Jasmine Absolute, Mate Absolute, Osmanthus Absolute

Important Info: Scents Angel 100% guarantees the authenticity of the Memo Paris Inle samples and decants. The Memo Paris Inle perfume samples are hand-decanted from the original and authentic Memo Paris Inle perfume bottle into the smaller bottles you will be receiving. The original bottle of the Memo Paris Inle in the main picture is only for sale if the full bottle retail option is available and purchased by the customer. Scents Angel is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or supported by the design house in any manner.

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