Get Ready for Summer | Top 5 Unisex Scents

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Get Ready for Summer | Top 5 Unisex Scents

Get Ready this Summer with our Top 5 Unisex Scents

Aoud Blue Notes - Mancera 

Exclusive, elegant and refined Mancera Aoud Blue Notes composition is the result of a union between bergamot, mandarin, lemon and ylang-ylang. The heart adds violet and rose to complement woody guaiac wood and amber. Leather accents complete this sophisticated perfume.

Dahab - Kajal

The luxury of Kajal Dahab is instant. The fragrance opens with a head-turning, vibrant burst of Granny Smith apple and Bergamot. A deep centre note of passionfruit, cedar and coriander balances the crisp green top notes. Musk, amber and patchouli wrap around the middle in a luxurious embrace of warmth and comfort.

Terralba - Masque Milano 

A special cologne that captures the spirit of the Italian city, Terralba-Masque Milano is a rich and enticing fragrance evoking a feeling of freedom and spontaneity. It features top notes of Lemon, Clary Sage and Tangerine. Meanwhile, Juniper, Mastic or Lentisque and Cypress gracefully exude their woodsy accents in the middle. Accompanying them are Thyme, Immortelle and Curry Tree for an elegant finish.

B-612 - Nishane 

Nishane B-612 is a woody aromatic fragrance for men. It opens with a fresh, green opening of Cypress, Lavender and Geranium enhanced by spicy notes. The heart combines Cashmeran, Cedar and Sandalwood, adding some warmth to this fresh scent with a hint of fougere. The base opens on Musk and Oakmoss with a light touch of Tonka Bean providing depth and an overall powdery feel to this fragrance.

Dulcis in Fundo - Profumum Roma

Dulcis In Fundo is a bold blend of orange peel, vanilla and a touch of apricot that creates a luscious perfume. Its top notes are juicy and full bodied, with the citrus balanced by rich vanilla and sweet fruitiness. This perfume is for an enchantress who loves to be surrounded by beauty, romance, and inebriated dreams


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