Perfume Spotlight | Memo Paris Corfu

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Perfume Spotlight | Memo Paris Corfu
Eliciting pure joy, the rarefied notes of Memo Paris Corfu perfume invite you to bask in the sun. A modern chypre aroma, Memo Paris Corfu is a sophisticated and alluring perfume created for the woman who captures and retains moments of joy, happiness, and freedom. Its opening is fresh and vibrant with tart rhubarb balanced with fizzy citrus, aromatic basil, and warm pink pepper. As it evolves towards a soft bouquet, creamy sandalwood, cashmere woods and milky musk are laced together to create an effect that ensnares the senses into a trance-like state.

The scent of an invigorating dive in the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea, Memo Paris Corfu captures a memory, to be treasured and enjoyed again and again.

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