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Scents Angel 5-10 ML samples and decants are re-bottled directly from authentic fragrances. These fragrances have no affiliation or connection with the brands.

In Turkey, houseguests are often greeted with a splash of bright, fresh lemon cologne on the hands, a traditional gesture of hospitality that both disinfects and leaves a vibrant, if short-lived scent. With Colognise, Nishane, a house well-known for rich, long-lasting extraits, takes this beloved custom and modernizes it into a dynamic, sexy, wonderfully easy-to-wear "extrait de cologne"- a concentration that captures all of the vibrance and exuberance of a traditional citrus cologne, in a much longer-lasting 18% concentration.

On first spray, Colognise positively explodes with bright, fresh lemon and bergamot, a fitting tribute to the simple, beautiful lemon colognes of its inspiration- but even in the opening, a smooth, beautiful green tea note hints at the greater complexity that lies ahead. Soon, an rich, emerging floral heart of lily and jasmine adds dimensionality and lush, unisex character, even as the citrus continues to sparkle. A sweet, grassy vetiver and soft musk further enrich the depth and romanticism, feeling modern and classic all at once. Created in the spirit of hospitality, Colognise is so very effortless to wear that you'll have to decide whether to share it with everyone- or keep it all for yourself.

NOTES: Bergamot, lemon, green tea, jasmine, grapefruit, muguet, vetiver, neroli, musk

Important Info: Scents Angel 100% guarantees the authenticity of the Nishane Colognize samples and decants. The Nishane Colognize perfume samples are hand-decanted from the original and authentic Nishane Colognize perfume bottle into the smaller bottles you will be receiving. The original bottle of the Nishane Colognize in the main picture is only for sale if the full bottle retail option is available and purchased by the customer. Scents Angel is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or supported by the design house in any manner.

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